CM2 全球優質物業平台


How is the cm2 value being calculated?​​

The cm2 value of each property is based on the valuation of that particular property and the necessary acquisition fees in physical world, divided by the actual size of it. The cm2 value will be updated on regular basis accordingly to the latest valuation.​​​​​

How is the CM2T value being calculated?​​

CM2T is an internal value to calculate multi-currency transaction, its value is fixed at USD 0.104.​

How do I get the rental generated from the properties' cm2 I bought?​​

The rental will be allocated into your account and show in your wallet on 15th of each month, based on the ratio of cm2 you are holding on the property. When the rental is received from 1st to 15th of the month, it will be allocated on 15th of next month.​

What is the maturity condition of a property?​​​

The maturity condition specifies the conditions where the property will be sold in physical world. Typically, a maturity conditions would be a fixed duration of time, and / or when the valuation of the property up to certain percentage of gain comparing to original valuation.​​

What happen after the maturity of the property?​​

Unless otherwise specified in a particular property, there will be a 6 months clearing period after the maturity conditions met. During that period, we will search for right buyer at right price as well as clearing all necessary documents in the physical world. After that, the property will be removed from our platform, various fiat currencies value will be calculated with CM2T and the net fiat value will be allocated according to the cm2 holding ratio of the property after deducting related costs.​​​

Can I sell the cm2 anytime I want? How?​​

Yes. Typically, the CM2 Marketplace for a property will be opened 1 month after the property is listed in the platform. From the CM2 Marketplace, you can put up your cm2 for sale at your preferred value. Similarly, buyers can set their preferred buying value for cm2 of a property.​

Why should I trust CM2 on the properties status?​​

All the documents, including deed, tenancy agreement, government taxes and repair bills, of the properties are accessible on the platform to ensure transparency.​ Besides, CM2 is managed by multi-disciplinary team with focus on different subject matters. Our Founding Team and Advisors are professionals with experienced from world top-tier innovative enterprises and advisory organizations such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, ServiceNow, Facebook, PwC and Deloitte, holding senior positions from leadership, operations, advisory to development, with track records of planning and executing a fast-growing innovative business.​ All properties on the platform are managed by a third-party trust organization. Third-party lawyers will ensure the rights of the platform users, and third-party banking institutions will effectively preserve the original assets and documents.​

Where can I review my portfolio and balance?​

You can always to go the “My Property” page to review your current portfolio and cm2 held for each property. You may also go to the “Wallet” page to review your current balance and all of the transaction history.​​

What are the fees from CM2?​​

​​The key objective of the CM2 is to promote the use of technology in property markets to evolve the traditional business model into a new, liquidized model. We strive to build the network community via the CM2 Platform. Therefore, only minimal fees are required:​

  • 10% management fees on monthly rental income.​*
  • 5% acquisition fees to perform sourcing, due diligence, documentations, create materials and other necessary efforts for new property on-boarding.​​
  • 5% clearing fees to perform sourcing, due diligence, documentations, clearing balance and other necessary efforts for property off-boarding.​
  • 2% platform fee from cm2 sold in CM2 marketplace.​ (seller will pay 2% service charge)

  • * Statutory and taxation requirements for each particular property will be deducted in compliance to the local regulations.​