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Asset Valuated


Amazing Stories of Investing in a New Way

Taiwan Commercial Real Estate

Improved profits, cashflow and automated investments process

J&E International

Engage customers better with actionable insights

Veteran Property Investors

Investing like a bank with full due diligence ability

Why we are different?

Our 3A Value Proposition.

Accuracy means maximizing profit


Our proprietary AI technology provides the most accuracy valuation results in Asia. It is always an winning edge for you.

Act faster than your competition

As your business needs to evaluate and manage lot of properties, you need speed. Our solution helps you to act faster with accuracy.

Automate your processes


Manage ownership, cash, contract and property history through the robotic process automation – releasing you from repetitive tasks.

Intelligent: Architecting an Accurate Automated Valuation Engine

When traditional data source is not enough to build an accurate valuation engine. New data source creates amazing insights into future trends.

Efficient: What RPA Is Really About

No more human errors in critical yet repetitive processes. You can spend more time on what really matters, and get better results.

The Future: The PropTech Space Is A 'Blue Ocean' In Asia

Digital and technology adoption is taking place at a rate about 25 times faster than before, Asia is catching up now!

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