Explore the Niche and Exclusive Global Real Estate Market

Unique Opportunity for Stable Passive Income and Capital Gain

From residential to commercial real estate, CM2 partners with key real estate players to select high quality properties and make it available at your fingertips. We create a new way for real estate investment through Fintech, increase your passive income and capital gain in the most intuitive way.

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Professional Analysis and Comprehensive Safeguard for You

CM2 collects and analyzes huge amount of real estate data in local and regional level in order to wisely select cash generating properties in all sectors.
Remove Uncertainty

Remove Uncertainty

We exclude non-cash generating projects such as ground-up construction or raw land to avoid delivery risks, cash pressures and quality disputes.

Open and Transparent

Open and Transparent

We make the property documents accessible in an immutable digitial repository to offer best transparency

Third-Party Custody

Third-Party Custody

Properties are in third-party legal counsellor and bank’s custody for the best protection

Platform Highlights


Multi-disciplinary Professions Collaboration

Comprehensive and Up-to-dated Regional
Economic Research & Analysis

Open and Transparent Transaction Records

Full Access to Thorough Property’s Documents

Secured and Convenient Asset Management

Intuitive User Experience

Key Markets

Stable Income Meets Capital Gain

We actively analyze regional and global real estate markets to bring niche investment opportunities to our customers. Our strong local networks enable high quality property management to generate stable income and we engage deeply in the local markets to increase capital gain possibility. All available at your fingertips by technology.

  • Mongolia - The Heart of Asia-Pacific Mining Industry

  • Taiwan - The Rising Hub of North Asia

  • Japan - Discover the Niche Deals

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Investing in Property without Boundary with CM2
Investing in Property without Boundary with