Real Estate Investment Needs Artificial Intelligence

Investments Become More Profitable, Accurate and Faster

Our AI Investment Manager is equipped with CUBE AI for super abilities in speed, data processing power, accuracy, and unparallel overall market understanding. The futuristic technology happens today in real estate investment, allowing you to secure high value deal faster, make better disposition and improvement decisions in confidence and transparency way.

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The Golden Standard in Real Estate Intelligence

We train and validate our valuation models with decades of in-depth data to power highly accurate valuation services that breaks the unbalanced information possession in real estate ecosystem.

properties valuations


data points processed


local price indices built


Foundation of AI Technologies Combine Sea of Data Sources

Source Profitable Property Listing From Market

Look Beyond Human Eyes to Recommend Properties By AI

Instant Valuation for Properties With Actionable Insights

Recommendation for Renovation to Improve ROI

Predict Property Price Performance With Economic Data

Use Cases
  • Individual or Institutional Real Estate Investors

    No matter you are individual or institutional real estate investors, you are now able to instantly source and underwrite high value properties with confidence as well as forecast its future valuations, powered by institutional grade data and tools. You, at anytime, will have more data insight than traditional brokers or agents.

  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents

    Having more data on hand is not enough in the digital age, because data is now widely available and your customers may have same data with you. We empower you to attract, manage, engage and close deals faster. You can imagine that we are your super assistant that knows every properties in the city.

  • Financial Institutions and Mortgage Lenders

    Act on highly confidence valuations with detailed underwriting reports with all the context and data insights, you respond to market faster and more accurate to attract and retain customers with lower risks. Your team can focus on cases that need human touch.

  • Source Highly Profitable Commercial and Residential Deals in Market Instantly
  • Engage Customers Better and Close Deal Faster.
  • Detailed Underwriting Reports With Data Insights