AI Investment Manager

Optimize your investment portfolio with AI assistant.

What it does

Your intelligent investment manager that never sleep

Get instant insight into your portfolio

Understand the composition of investment portfolio with ROI analysis, cash position with future insights.

Predict performance with dynamic data

The world is ever-changing, so does the value of investments. We monitor internet data 24x7 for up-to-date predictions.

Make smarter buy and sell decisions

It is not just a valuation, you need context to make decisions. We turn data into actionable insight at your finger-tips.

Super capacity to source and manage

Sourcing deals from sea of data and track interested properties by tagging and managing version – all in one place.

One-Click Due Diligence

Get almost everything you need to conduct due diligence with enriched data sources.

Why it matters

Eliminate the boundary between digital and physical world to deliver the best

Insights and analysis fuel with CUBE AI – our proprietary AI technology, combining the process automation in operating, executing and optimizing the profits. You will get the most out of your investments with ease.


Asset Valuated

Don’t miss the most accurate automated valuation machine!

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