Banking and Insurance

Embrace the new digital economy for real estate

Reach more customers, exceed expectations and manage risks.

Strive for perfect balance between closing more businesses and risk control. You can achieve both by adopting our industry-leading solutions in public cloud, private cloud or on-premises deployment.

Stay connected in long engagement cycle

Home buying and financing has long engagement cycle – it is further prolonged for after-purchase re-financing, renovation and disposition. Our continuous valuations, simulations and predictions empower you to proactively discover leads rather than wait for it.

Convert and close faster

Converting and closing in higher ratio and faster means putting the right offer to the customer at the right time. By eliminate time-consuming manual works to check rents, historical house price and collect reference house data, you will be able to achieve this with ease.

Trusted one-click due diligence process

Simplify your due diligence process by putting together various data sources to make a better decision, from rental and property price estimation, buyer/seller market analysis, house index movement, area listing distribution to many other contextual insights.

Minimize compliance risks

You gain visibility and control of the property valuation and due diligence process over human errors and fraud estimations – powered by the capability to instantly valuate thousands of property in minutes.

Integrate with existing applications landscape

Flexible deployment options to fit into local regulatory requirements. We understand your underwriting process involves different critical systems – we offer cloud and on-premise version with strong integration capabilities so you can rest assured there is no data compliance risks.

Intelligent ROI estimation

Getting rental information and putting them together with property price and performance forecast to build a ROI analysis for your customers. We combine transaction data, listing data, economic and financial data to help you just do that.

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