“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein


We build a 100% data-driven software aim to shake the real estate marketplace. We believe nothing but science and facts. Financial institutions, investors, brokers, mortgage lenders, and consumers can turn to us for unbiased industry-leading valuations, forecasts, cash management and process automation tools. Our clients can trust us to fuel acquisition, due diligence, investments, portfolio management, and more.



Technology Team

Workforce from the R&D team of global most respected technology enterprise, committed to deliver the technology revolution that will change the real estate marketplace.

Real Estate Team

Our real estate team has involved in over US$20 billion in collective asset valuation, management, mergers & acquisitions for real estate, corporate and alternative investments.

Business Analyst Team

Lead by certified PMI-PBA experts from Big Four firms, our business analyst team goes deep into the problem of the status quo real estate marketplace and design a better way for everyone.


It is the Science, Stupid!

With too many people influence by the biased news, filtered data, fraud transactions or listen to the real estate opinion leaders, the real estate marketplace is surrounded by noise that driving you to make uninformed decisions. We want to bring the industry back to data and process, it is nothing but science that applies deep machine learning to big data to discover the unseen relationships and automate process by robotic technology.