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Make smarter decisions and improve profitability

Buy cheaper, sell higher and manage better.

We provides everything you need to stay ahead of your competitive bidders, source deals from sea of data, minimize operation cost, and look into the future with confidence.

Accurate valuation at your finger-tips

You don’t need to worry about there are no past transaction records for the same building to estimate the price for your customers. Our AI solution helps to valuate the price accurately without the needs of building or nearby transaction history – in a second.

Trusted one-click due diligence process

Simplify your due diligence process by putting together various data sources to make a better decision, from rental and property price estimation, buyer/seller market analysis, house index movement, area listing distribution to many other contextual insights.

Predict the future performance

Combine the super power of data processing, public listing analysis and AI valuation engine, we enable you to scan through the entire market to look for listing that are under market price and act faster than other potential bidders.

Intelligent ROI backed by facts

Combine the existing ROI and predictive performance, we helps you to identify the improvement opportunities. We combine actual cashflow, transaction data, listing data, economic and financial data to help you just do that.

Automation that improves cashflow

Manage tenancy agreements with robot’s assistant so that you’ll never miss anything. Our bots analyse bank statements, contracts and match tenants payments to improve account receivables aging by past pattern.

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